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OLYMPUS FL-900R FLASH - V326170BW000
Illuminate your scene with the powerful FL- 900R Electronic Flash from Olympus which boasts outstanding IPX1-rated weather resistance and a guide number of 190' at ISO 100 and the 100mm setting. Fully compatible with Olympus TTL, the FL-900R offers support for many advanced camera functions, such as High Res Shot and Focus Stacking, which are benefited by faster recycle times that speed up the process. Also, for the video shooters out there this flash is equipped with an LED light

Olympus SRF-11 Ring Flash Set - 260112
Discover how soft and shadow-free your close-up photos can be with the SRF-11 Ring Flash, utilizing a circular tube as its light source for just the right amount of illumination. Guide number of 36 feet/11 meters at ISO 100. Ideal for medical and macro photography.

Olympus FL-50R Wireless Flash - 260116
The FL-50R is an external flash unit that allows wireless flash settings to be controlled from the camera body. Wireless flash transmission channel settings enable selection of flash/no flash for groups of multiple flash units. In addition it allows TTL auto, auto, and manual modes to be set. Offers a bounce and swivel head. Flash coverage is automatically adjusted in several steps to correspond to the image area when zooming. The FL-50 provides GN28 at a 12mm focal length (equivalent to 24mm on a 35mm camera at ISO 100) and GN50 at 42mm focal length (equivalent to 85mm on a 35mm camera at ISO 100).

Olympus FL-600R Wireless Flash - V3261300U000
The FL-600R is an easy-to-use, external flash unit with a wide LCD display and wireless control capabilities. It features a built- in LED light that can function as an AF illuminator for still images or as full- time auxiliary lighting for shooting movies. As a bounce flash, the FL-600R tilts upward to 90 degrees and downward to 7 degrees, and it can swivel side-to-side up to 180 degrees in each direction.

Olympus FL-36R Wireless Flash - 260115
The FL-36R is a lightweight and compact wireless external flash. Wireless flash transmission channel settings can be controlled from the camera body, and they enable selection of flash/no flash for groups of multiple flash units. It's equipped with a 1/8 step illumination control for precision shooting, a wide-angle diffuser panel for even illumination with wide-angle lenses and a compact zoom head to accommodate lenses from wide-angle to telephoto.

Olympus FL-14 Flash - 260122
The FL-14 is an easy-to-operate external flash with a design that matches the E-P1 Pen. With an equivalent GN (Guide Number) of 14, you can accomplish flash shooting with stable light and optimum brightness. Silver metal exterior fits to the camera body design. Guide Number 20 at ISO 200. 28mm equivalent coverage. AAA batteries x2 provide about 80 shots at full power. Approximately 5 second recycle time. 3 modes: TTL-AUTO, AUTO, Manual.

Olympus FL-20 Flash - 200858
Ultra compact flash for digital cameras.

Olympus FL-300R Flash Unit (Silver) - V326110SU000
The FL-300R Wireless Flash for PEN Cameras from Olympus is an easy-to-use flash that can be used with your PEN camera, either on its own or in conjunction with the camera's built-in flash. It has a guide number of 28 @ ISO 200 and can be used as a bounce flash (it tilts up 60° and down 30°). Three modes are available: TTL-Auto, AUTO, and Manual. The FL-300R will function wirelessly using the remote control function on the E-P3, E- PL3, or E-PM1. Two AAA batteries power the FL- 300R.

Olympus FR-1 Flash Adaptor Ring - 260106
The flash adapter ring enables the ring or twin flash to be attached to the ZUIKO DIGITAL 50mm 1:2 macro as well as the ZUIKO DIGITAL 35mm 1:3.5 macro lens.

Olympus FL-CB05 Off-Camera Shoe Cord - 200707
The extension flash bracket cable FL-CB05 allows the use of the Olympus external flash units in connection with Olympus digital camera models equipped with a hot shoe. It has a maximum length of 1 metre and can be connected via clip-on hot shoe to the compatible Olympus digital camera. With this extension cable you can use the flash without directly placing it on the cameras hotshoe.

Olympus MAL-1 Macro Arm Light - 260547
*Camera not included* The Macro Arm Light is your portable lighting system, letting you add precise accents to your close-up photography. Snapped into your camera’s Accessory Port, the Macro Arm Light has two 17cm-long, flexible LED lights that you can adjust independently of each other to shed light where you need it. The perfect accessory for internet sellers or anyone who wants to take excellent pictures of small indoor objects. Pair it with the MCON-P01 Macro Converter to turn your PEN into a completely portable macro studio!
Olympus - Olympus Flash
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