Leica - Leica Digital Rangefinder Mirrorless Cameras - 010716
Leica M9-P Digital Rangefinder Camera (Silver) - 010716
Perhaps the most noticeable difference between the two cameras is the lack of the red Leica dot on the front of the body. This alteration ensures even less attention will be drawn to the photographer with this unassuming camera. Instead of the traditional Leica logo, the M9-P has what Leica terms a, restrained Leica logogram, on the top deck of the camera. Another feature of the M9-P is the vulcanite leathering on the body. In addition to looking exceptionally attractive, the leathering provides a good grip.

A third difference between the M9 and this, its reincarnation, is an extremely scratch- resistant sapphire crystal cover for the 2.5 inch LCD monitor. When being stealth is of the utmost, the traditional camera bag is usually not part of the picture. Consequently, the camera is prone to more of life's hazards. Sapphire crystal is exceptionally hard, making it almost unbreakable, and therefore, extremely protective of the M9-P's LCD display. The sapphire crystal cover also features an antireflective coating on both sides for optimal image viewing, even outdoors.

The M9-P boasts all the same remarkable image making characteristics of the M9; image quality, after all, is the hallmark of a Leica camera. The 24 x 36 18Mp CCD image sensor provides full size 35mm image capture in the digital format. All M lenses mount to the M9-P as well, for a wealth of choices to make the most of each shot. And even though the M9-P and M9 are digital, they still provide the user with the classic feel of a film rangefinder. Perhaps inspiring in the shooter a taste of the old days, yet putting all the benefits of digital at hand. With that being said, the intuitive interface and menu controls of the M9-P make it a joy to use.
Leica - Leica Digital Rangefinder Mirrorless Cameras - 010716
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